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Fast, Permanent, Eco-Friendly Asphalt Repair

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AQUA PATCH is the perfect material for asphalt and concrete repair. AQUA PATCH is permanent with a 3 year cure guarantee. AQUA PATCH is all weather and can be applied in adverse weather conditions and in standing water.

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Applications and Uses

AQUA PATCH is extensively used by Municipal repair crews, Department of Transportation, Counties, Parks Districts, Facilities Maintenance, Airports, and Schools. AQUA PATCH is the go-to solution for asphalt repair.

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AQUA PATCH is Easy to Use

AQUA PATCH is as easy as can be. Just clean the area to be repaired, open a bag or bucket of AQUA PATCH and pour it in the pothole. Add water and tamp down with any tool, your foot, or any vehicle.

Case Studies and Use

See AQUA PATCH in Action

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AQUA PATCH is use by CALTRANS, California Department of Transportation.

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Georgia Department of Transportation

AQUA PATCH used by Georgia DOT.

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Tennessee Department of Transportation

AQUA PATCH in service by Tennessee Department of Transportation.

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Indiana DOT

AQUA PATCH in use by Indiana Department of Transportation.

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